Shikha Kansagara


Navigating the feelings at this tender age

TeachSTEAM has positively helped my 5-year-old son, Manav, to not only interact with his peers but also do great individual and teamwork. Kids at his age are generally averse to focusing on an activity for more than a certain amount of time, but Binal and her team made sure that the activities were planned in a very interesting fashion. They kept the kids on their toes and yet had them make meaningful work. Of course, Manav learned so much but he also had a ton of fun doing it, which is the main aim of any activity. It built his confidence a lot. A very important thing, my child learned about different emotions through Binal’s fantastic story approach. It was one of Manav’s and my favorite modules. Navigating through feelings is very difficult at this tender age, and any help with the same is always appreciated by both the parents and the kids. Thank you Binal and team TeachSTEAM for a wonderful year. We hope to join you again soon.

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