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About TeachSTEAM

Welcome to TeachSTEAM, where learning knows no age limit! For children aged 3-13, we offer a vibrant array of LEGO-based education courses, workshops, and events designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity & develop critical thinking. We recognize that hands-on, interactive learning experiences are key to igniting a child’s passion for education. That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of LEGO bricks to create an engaging STEAM education experiences tailored to inspire young minds.

For adults, we offer specialized certified LEGO-based teacher training programs and team-building events. Our comprehensive teacher training equips educators with the tools and strategies needed to deliver impactful STEAM education in classrooms. Join us on a journey of exploration and growth, where learning is a lifelong adventure

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Brief History

Founded in 2018, TeachSTEAM pioneered LEGO-based education for children aged 3-13 & certified teachers training to inspire & empower learners worldwide. As the first Six Bricks Lead Trainer in India, we introduced a groundbreaking approach to learning through play for schools. TeachSTEAM has emerged as a leading force in STEAM education, nurturing a growing community of over 5000+ children, 800+ educators from more than 40 countries and 15 associates & school partners world-wide.

Our Services

Courses, Workshops & Events for Children & Adults

Dynamic courses, workshops, and events tailored for children aged 3-13, focusing on STEAM education through hands-on activities with LEGO bricks.

Specialized certified teacher training programs for adults, equipping educators with innovative teaching methodologies and strategies.

Teachers Training

Comprehensive Six Bricks and DUPLO Play & Learn teacher training programs, empowering educators to integrate play-based learning into their classrooms effectively.

School Partnerships & Franchise

Collaborative partnerships with schools, offering customizable STEAM education programs aligned with school curriculum objectives.

Franchise opportunities for individuals or organizations interested in joining the TeachSTEAM network and promoting STEAM education in their communities.


TeachSTEAM’s mission is to make play meaningful & mindful for all ages through innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education fueled by LEGO.

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Constantly evolving STEAM education through dynamic services.

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Delivering top-notch educational experiences.

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Fostering imaginative thinking and problem-solving.

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Partnering with educators and communities for impact.

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Ensuring STEAM education is inclusive and accessible.

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Making learning enjoyable and engaging for all.

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Meet the Mentor

Binal Kamdar, Founder at TeachSTEAM | LEGO® Educator | Six Bricks Lead Trainer | DUPLO Play & Learn Trainer | LEGO based Content & Curriculum Developer | STEAM Specialist

Namaste from India! I’m Binal Kamdar, a computer engineer by education & a LEGO educator by profession. LEGO Education® is an integral part of my professional life since 2005; with the aim to make play mindful and the vision to develop strong STEAM skills for all ages of children, I founded TeachSTEAM Hands-on Education in 2018. I have been developing content for children aged 3-13 years & training teachers to promote hands-on education & learning through play.

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