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About TeachSTEAM

TeachSTEAM is a LEGO based education consultancy in India. We design & conduct LEGO based learning courses for children aged 3-13 as well as provide teaching solutions to schools & STEAM* organisations. Our services include:

  • LEGO based developmental courses for Children
  • STEAM* based curriculum for Educational Institutes
  • Certified training for Teachers


TeachSTEAM is founded with the aim to make play meaningful & mindful and the vision to develop strong STEAM* skills for all ages of children. Let’s empower & nurture playful learning practices!

TeachSTEAM is a growing community of 3000+ children, 500+ educators & 15+ associates from 40+ countries. educated with ‘Learning through Play’ approach.

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TeachSTEAM Studio

TeachSTEAM Studio is an experiential LEGO® inspired learning space for children, in Rajkot, India. At TeachSTEAM Studio, we re-define play & reinforce playful practices through ‘learning through play‘ concept to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) in an interactive, engaging and fun way. Let's empowere children as creative, engaged & lifeling learners.

Since 2018, TeachSTEAM Studio has catered to 100+ various LEGO based developmental workshops to nurture creativity, early math & science, early language & literacy, social-emotional skills, early engineering, coding & computational thinking, early robotics & core robotics skills.

We constantly work to make learning more effective & fun for children & adults using LEGO®. We have a little bit of everything for everyone. Come join us as a life-long learner – be it as a studnet, parent or educator. Let’s explore the ‘power of play’, together!


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Team of TeachSTEAM

binal kamdar About TeachSTEAM TeachSTEAM

Binal Kamdar

Founder at TeachSTEAM | LEGO® Educator | Six Bricks Lead Trainer | DUPLO Play & Learn Trainer | LEGO based Content & Curriculum Developer | STEAM Specialist

Namaste from India! I’m Binal Kamdar, a computer engineer by education & a LEGO educator by profession. LEGO Education® is an integral part of my professional life since 2005; with the aim to make play mindful and the vision to develop strong STEAM skills for all ages of children, I founded TeachSTEAM Hands-on Education in 2018. I have been developing content for children aged 3-13 years & training teachers to promote hands-on education & learning through play.

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TeachSTEAM has always believed in creative minds & innovative play agents. Since 2018, Team TeachSTEAM has been growing with budding interns, fresh graduates and experienced educators. Together, they make a well-balanced team to administer fruitful outcomes with departments of mentoring – content & design – social media. Their noval perspectives & youthful exuberance keep TeachSTEAM young, forever!

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Part-time Employment is open for 'Play Mentor' & 'Social Media Management' posts

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