Six Bricks TeachSTEAM
Six Bricks TeachSTEAM
Six Bricks TeachSTEAM

What is Six Bricks?

Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for ‘learning through play’, developed by Care for Education, South Africa & powered by LEGO® Foundation, Denmark. Six Bricks consist of red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue and light blue 2 x 4 DUPLO® bricks.

There are over 500 activities available for Six Bricks which enable physical, cognitive, social and emotional development for preschool & elementary children.

Six Bricks is a great tool for teachers & parents to use with their children when assisting them with skill development, engagement activities or homework.

Why Six Bricks?

Six Bricks is a concept which playfully engages children in a variety of skills development. It encourages ‘Whole Child Development’.

With Six Bricks,

  • Learning becomes fun!
  • Develops core learning skills through play
  • Develops bilateral coordination – crossing the midline
  • Creates receptive environment to engage & mental readiness to focus & concentrate.

When is Six Bricks Useful?

Six Bricks activities can take 2-5 minutes. They are short, sharp, engaging and fun!

With Six Bricks,

  • As a ‘warm-up’ activity to begin the day.
  • As an ‘unwind’ activity to close rigorous academic session.
  • As a ‘Brain-Break’ during the course of a school day.
  • As a ‘Brain-gym’ in any of the learning areas to develop working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility

Who can use Six Bricks?

Six Bricks can be used by any individual working towards skill development in children! It is an ideal educational resource for:

With Six Bricks,

  • Pre-school and Elementary school an Special Education Need (SEN) teachers
  • NGOs
  • Home-schooled children
  • High-school children, for social initiatives.
  • Parents, for children’s early skill-development.

Six Bricks TeachSTEAM

There are 900 million ways to connect a set of 'Six Bricks', through which children can create and invent endless combinations, practicing creative thinking.

TeachSTEAM and Six Bricks

Binal Kamdar, the founder of TeachSTEAM, is the first Six Bricks ‘Lead Trainer’ in India & one of the first five Lead Trainers of the world, certified by Care for Education, South Africa.

Being a ‘Lead Trainer’, she is authorised to provide Six Bricks Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 certified training to educators & parents. Additionally, she has been facilitating hands-on LEGO base Education for the last 15 years & training children and educators to make play engaging & fun using STEAM approach.

Our Six Bricks Experience

350 +
for Level 1, 2, 3 & 4
150 +
for Demo Training
40 +
200 +
Resources added
to the global
Six Bricks repository
40 +
Training sessions

What do we offer?

We offer level wise Certified Six Bricks hands-on training (Online and Offline)

Six Bricks TeachSTEAM

Six Bricks

Level 1 & 2

A certified course to learn how to develop memory, communication, collaboration, movement and creativity into classroom using fun & short Six Bricks activities.
Coding with SB cover Six Bricks TeachSTEAM


with Six Bricks

A certified course to foster Computational Thinking (CT) & early Coding Skills into classrooms effectively using Six Bricks.
steam with sb thumb Six Bricks TeachSTEAM


with Six Bricks

A certified course for Educators to introduce STEAM-based learning in K-8 classrooms with Six Bricks.

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