Binal Kamdar

Founder: TeachSTEAM

Program Designer | Curriculum Developer | Coach & Trainer | Certified Six Bricks Facilitator of India


B.E. Computer, DDIT, India

Engineering Internship at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Ahmedabad

Core Competencies

Research | Importance of play, Hands-on learning theories, Age-wise developmental skills & learning outcome

Curriculum Design | STEAM integration, Curriculum grid & content outline, Detailed lesson plans

Hands-on Training | Teachers of grade K-8 & Students of grade 5-11 for STEM

Leadership | Honesty, Ability to delegate, Motivate, Collaborate, Care, Commitment

Management | Planning, Strategizing, Prioritization, Accountability, Empathy

Presentation | Effective, Energetic, Interactive

Communication | Open-minded, Relate to Others, Simplify the Complex, Available

Enthusiasm | Learn, Engage, Create, Share | Imagine, Involve, Innovate, Inspire

Work Experience

Freelancer | Software Development for Medical Use
Designed a software named ‘MediSoft’ using Visual Basic & Visual C++ language interface to help doctors with Outdoor Patient Department(OPD) in keeping track of patients’ data history, medicinal inputs, dosages & reports on daily basis.

Franchisee Owner | The Boston’s Cyberkids
The Boston’s Cyberkids franchisee focused on Children’s computer education through creative & fun modules. Various long-term & short-term programs enabled children to catch up with computer skills, technology know-how & teamwork. More than 2500 children aged 4 – 14 years learned to unleash their creativity in various form by enrolling for different programs in 3 years. Cyberkids franchise gave me a thorough experience of technology education for children, teachers’ training, business and management.

Research – Development | LEGO® Education
Researched about LEGO® Education & its more than 40 products along with grade wise science curriculum to design hands-on integrated program for preschool, elementary & middle school. Developed age relevant detailed integrated curriculum for all 3 age groups using LEGO® Education resources. Designed teachers’ training program for pre-school & elementary teachers to implement in-class LEGO® Education.

Program Head | LEGO® Education & Robotics Department, The Galaxy School
The Galaxy School is an IB school & a part of The Galaxy Education System(TGES), Gujarat, India. TGES has been a pioneer in education for last 35 years and educates a community of around 8000 students across 5 different education boards, today. I helped set-up LEGO® Labs at 3 campuses with products, hands-on STEM-based curriculum and teachers’ training for more than 45 teachers to integrate in-school LEGO® Education program across preschool, elementary & middle school.

Expanded LEGO® MINDSTORMS® – middle-school robotics program from in-school to after-school format to benefit more students of gr 5-11. I designed 3 level LEGO® MINDSTORMS® (robotics) curriculum for beginner, advance & competition level. More than 300 students successfully completed the program in less than 6 months & got ready to apply STEM skills for the competition level.

Trained more than 50 teams of students aged from 9 to 16 years for the participation of prestigious national & international robotics championships like WRO, FLL & FTC; earned 47 national & international precious accolades in less than 9 years.

Regional Trainer | Duck Learning India – LEGO® Education’s official partner for India (West)
Served as a regional trainer for Duck Learning India – LEGO® Education’s official partner in India & held several training sessions for schools in Ahmedabad & Baroda in 2017.

Online Mentor’s Training | for FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) coaches
Launched 8 weeks online training program for the FLL coaches and mentors in remote cities. Thorough understanding & requirement for FLL’s 3 segments – Project, Robot Game & Core Values, 8 weeks task timeline, weekly to-dos, presentations guidelines, design & print requirements, video interactions with teams for all 3 presentations have been imparted successfully to help mentors carry out the program smoothly with their teams for regional & national level FLL.

TeachSTEAM Hands-on Education
Began with hands-on education consultancy services for schools & after-school centers using LEGO®. TeachSTEAM hands-on teaching solution includes integrated STEAM/STEM based curriculum for K-8, grade-wise product purchase plan, year-long hand-holding for teachers’ training, regular feedback & student assessments policies to establish smooth & sustainable implementation.

My Roles

WRO Meet The Mentor TeachSTEAM

WRO, World Robot Olympiad

Coached & trained 35 teams (100 students) for World Robot Olympiad of which 26 teams got national progression & 10 got international progression with ‘Top 3’ & ‘Top 8’ place achievements.

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Coached & trained 8 teams (70 students) for FLL wherein 6 progressed for national-level & 5 excelled to the international FLL, twice to the World Festival at St. Louis.

ftc logo

FTC | FIRST® Tech Challenge

Coached 4 teams for FTC wherein all 4 progressed for national-level & selected to represent India at the FIRST® Championship, St. Louis, USA & Asia-Pacific Championship, Sydney, Australia with a commendable performance.

Content Development for hands-on education for K-8

Year-long integrated programs | Researched & explored more than 40 different LEGO® Education products for K-12 with respect to the age-wise key learning objective, outcome and curriculum standards. Designed grade wise integrated STEAM based hands-on curriculum for K-8 (preschool, elementary & middle-school) keeping age-wise developmental areas & skills in focus for the in-school and after-school format.

Short-term summer workshops | Designed & conducted various short-term creative workshops for different age groups to strengthen the concept of Importance of Play, Early Science, Constructionism, Machine & Mechanism, Robotics and Coding using LEGO® Education Products.

Customised workshops | Designed & developed a series of thematic/skill-based short-term customized workshops for partner organizations. Halloween, Christmas, Seasons, Birthday Celebrations and Math with fun games are a few of them. Such workshops add to a lot of diversity, fun and learning while playing for children.

Ongoing teachers’ training program development and implementation for hands-on education for K-8 teachers. More than 100 teachers have been benefited with extensive hands-on training program conducted in last 9 years.

Pre-school Teachers’ Training Programs | PreK, K1, K2

Importance of Play, Six Bricks, Creative Exploration, World around Me, Social-emotional, Early Math & Science, Early Language & Literacy development

Elementary Teachers’ Training Programs | Gr 1 – 4

How things work, Machines around me, Make it move, Make science come to life (WeDo 2.0), Complex & Powered mechanisms, Pneumatics, Renewable Energy and Makers’ movement

Middle-school Teachers’ Training Programs | Gr 5-8

Importance of STEM & robotics, Introduction to LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Challenge level training programs includes from simple to complex to challenging robotic tasks with respect to science, engineering and coding techniques that helps strengthen the understanding & application of STEM in classroom setup.


Judge, World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO), Open Category

Invited to become a member of the prestigious World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO) Open Category Judges’ panel in 2016. It’s been an honor to judge buddying teams of 9 to 12 years olds across the world from more than 36 countries at the World Robot Olympiads.

Judge, Open European Championship, FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL)

Invited as a Project & Core value judge for the Open European Championship – FIRST® LEGO® League 2017 to be held in Aarhus, Denmark.

Advisor, Internal Assessments (IA), IBDP

I’ve been advising the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) board students with their IAs of math & physics to design & integrate their research project with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® & TETRIX® with RobotC.

Mentor, Project iCode

Coding is the most essential skill high-school students should be taught as a part of their curriculum. Considering early exposure to coding, I have advised 4 Software Engineering college students (ex-students of my robotics club) to design & implement an introductory coding workshop (of 20 hours) in Python for 36 grade 8 students. They successfully designed the workshop with detailed session plans & challenges to inspire young developers to code creatively.

Fund Raising Promoter & In-charge

Fundraising has been an essential part of all FIRST® programs. Students are expected & encouraged to raise funds to be able to self-sustain the high cost of participation, material & logistics. Students also develop essential early entrepreneurial skills through the fundraising process.

I have mentored FIRST® program teams to understand fundraising processes & helped them design proposals, cost estimation plans, presentation & how to approach & pitch to the educational organizations, corporate business fraternities & industrial lobby. As a result, all the teams could raise more than sustainable amount successfully every season.


Leaders of Learning, HarvardX

Knowing that constantly changing learning theories result in new education pedagogies led me to sign up for this online self-paced course in 2016 from HarvardX. It helped me define my personal theory of learning & aided in exploring how it fits into shifting the landscape of learning. This isn’t just about schools but about broader and bigger institutions of learning. The education sector is undergoing a great transformation and will continue to evolve in the coming decades. Our hope is that Leaders of Learning will help us prepare for what comes next.

Six Bricks Facilitator’s Training

Six Bricks’ is a program to promote ‘learning through play’, developed by Care for Education, South Africa. I have successfully completed the training for Six Bricks – Level 1, Level 2, Deep Dive & Facilitator’s training in November 2019. I’m honored to be the first Six Bricks Facilitator of India. With this training, I’m entitled to train educators, teachers & children to benefit the enriched outcome of play & learn through Six Bricks.

LEGO Based Therapy

LEGO-Based therapy is social development program for young people with autism spectrum disorders or related social communication difficulties. Dr. Dan LeGoff, a pediatric neuropsychologist in the USA, originally developed it. I’ve successfully completed the training for LEGO Based Therapy – Beginner Level with Dr. Dan LeGoff, in June 2020.


For Championships & Personal Expedition

India, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Indonesia, Qatar, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Australia.

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