Early Engineering


Age Group: 5-6 years

earlyengg 5 6 Early Engineering TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 7-9 years

earlyengg 7 9 Early Engineering TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 10-13 years

earlyengg 10 13 Early Engineering TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 10-13, 5-6, 7-9
Duration: 16 hours
Learning Outcomes:
Science, Design & Technology, Engineering, Mathematics [STEM]

Learn early science concepts by understanding and building simple machines in the real world. This workshop enables young children to behave as young scientists and provides a deeper understanding of concepts like energy, balance and mechanics. They make predictions, test the behaviour of their models, and then record and present their findings.

Early Engineering (for 5-6 yrs) helps students understand basic real-world science concepts and the world around them with the use of DUPLO® bricks and elements.

Early Engineering (for 7-9 yrs) deepens the understanding about fundamental mechanisms using Gears, Levers, Pulley & Wheel & Axle. It’s fun to see machines come to life in the real-world.

Early Engineering (for 10-13 yrs) focuses on building & investigating compound & powered machines based on force and motion, energy & measurement concepts. It’s fun to witness young engineers build motorised machines into the real world.