Early Robotics - Vehicles


Age Group: 7-9 | June 2019

earlyrobotics vehicles Early Robotics - Vehicles TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 7-9
Duration: 16 hours
Learning Outcomes:
Coding, Science, Engineering, STEAM

This program serves as an entry point to enter the world of robotics for elementary kids. WeDo 2.0 introduces them to science, computational thinking and engineering principles in a fun & engaging way. Using LEGO bricks, sensors, motors and intuitive block-based coding, students see their builds in action. Let’s make science come to life!

Vehicles are moving engineering marvels. This workshop focuses on types of mechanisms that make different vehicles move. Children explore & build Transport Vehicles like Bus, Train, Plane, Ship as well as Utility Vehicles such as Rovers, Garbage Truck, Floor Sweeper, Snow Plow & more.