Early Robotics - Creatures


Age Group: 7-9 | April 2019

robotics creatures Early Robotics - Creatures TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 7-9
Duration: 16 hours
Learning Outcomes:
Coding, Science, Engineering, STEAM

This program serves as an entry point to enter the world of robotics for elementary kids. WeDo 2.0 introduces them to science, computational thinking and engineering principles in a fun & engaging way. Using LEGO bricks, sensors, motors and intuitive block-based coding, students see their builds in action. Let’s make science come to life!

Welcome to the world of animals. This workshop focuses on exploring & understanding the mechanisms that are used to create movements while building interesting creatures. It’s exciting to build, investigate & program creatures like Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Mentis, Gorilla, Snake & many more.

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