Coding With Bricks


Workshop Sessions conducted online and onsite.

Age Group: 5-6
Duration: 4 hours
Learning Outcomes:
Develops early science skills, hand motor-skills, logical-thinking skills and critical-thinking skills.

Session 1: Brick Crypto

Students will understand the concept of sending ‘secret’ messages through the method of encryption and decryption by creating their own LEGO bricks secret code.

Session 2: Brick Navigation

Students will understand the sequential designing of a simple algorithm that traces the path of a physical and virtual bot from start to finish on a maze.

Session 3: Brick Sudoku

Students will learn problem-solving by finding the solutions to a creative and colorful version of the age-old numerical puzzle: the Sudoku.

Session 4: Brick Tangram

Students will learn problem-solving, lateral thinking and computational brute-force method by solving the original, and subsequently brick, versions of the historical Tangram puzzle.

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