Build Emotions


Age Group: 3-4 years | Jan 2019

buildemotion 3 4 Build Emotions TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 5-6 years | Jan 2019

buildemotion 5 6 Build Emotions TeachSTEAM

Age Group: 3-4, 5-6
Duration: 16 Sessions (16 hour/session)
Learning Outcomes:
Self-efficacy, Expression, Empathy, Role-play, Problem-solve

In the 21st century, EQ (Emotional Quotient) has been equated higher than IQ (Intelligent Quotient). EQ is the ability to monitor one\’s own and other people\’s emotions and empathize. This workshop is designed to help children develop social skills, such as, recognizing and understanding emotions, expressing personal preferences, and resolving conflicts in constructive ways. Lessons include stories and colorful illustrations that show characters experiencing relatable preschool issues.