LEGO Education for Teachers


LEGO Education for Teachers album LEGO Education for Teachers TeachSTEAM

Duration: 36 hours
Learning Outcomes:
Whole-child development through LEGO, Early Engineering, Early Robotics, Coding, STEAM, Design & Engineering, Raobotics

This is an on-going LEGO Education training program for preschool, elementary & middle-school teachers. We provide certified training for teachers to employ ‘LEGO in Classroom’ experience and to foster an engaged & fun learning environment. More Details >

Training Details:

  • 36 hrs of On-site & Online training for Preschool, Elementary & Middle-school programs.
    • Content Training | Minute-wise structured & guided lesson plan management
    • Classroom Integration Training | Integrate our curriculum into existing plans
    • Classroom Management Training | Engage several children at once in a collaborative play & learning
  • Feedback & Assessment
  • Certification
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