Associate with TeachSTEAM!

TeachSTEAM offers a range of collaboration opportunities for individuals and associations from various backgrounds.

We believe that our ‘Learning Through Play’ ideology can be implemented in various settings, to enhance creative learning.

Consequently, we offer different association opportunities to cater to diverse methods of content-delivery practices that exist today!

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What Do We Offer?

We offer age-wise 72+ LEGO® (DUPLO and Classic) STEAM-based Workshops for children aged 3-9. Our workshops have been effective in both online and on-site settings. We have created innovative ways to teach regular academic concepts & develop age-appropriate skills through LEGO!

LEGO ® DUPLO Program​

Ideal for children aged 2.5-4.

TeachSTEAM Duplo Program is designed to stimulates children’s curiosity to explore together & learn through play. The hands-on learning approach employed is proven to ensure the highest level of development in preschoolers at this ripe age.


 To facilitate grade-wise segregation for institutions, all content is divided in two levels:

  • Level 1 (Ideal for Playhouse students)
  • Level 2 (Ideal for Pre-K students)

LEGO ® Classic Program

Ideal for children aged 5-9.

TeachSTEAM LEGO Program consists of 12 themes & 48 sessions designed to develop core skills for children aged 5-9 years.


 To facilitate grade-wise segregation for institutions, all content is divided in two levels:

  • Beginner – Intermediate level (Ideal for K1 students)
  • Intermediate – Advanced level (Ideal for K2 students)

For both Programs, our integrated teaching package includes: 

To get more information and charges for both packages, contact us through email!

Who can Associate with Us?

  • Afterschool centres
  • Preschools
  • Educators
  • Individual STEM-practitioners
  • Online Teaching Platforms
  • Course and Content Developers
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TeachSTEAM's pan-global influence!

How Do We Collaborate?

Being STEAM innovators, we have used the past year as an opportunity to learn the art of online education. Having successfully educated 450+ educators across 35+ total countries, we have confidence in the effectiveness of online and onsite workshops. 

We offer two collaboration pathways:

Option 1: Content-based collaboration

  1. We share our content + training with you. 
  2. You conduct the workshops.

You get permanent access to our content and training. 

Option 2: Partnership-based collaboration

  1. You bring the students. 
  2. We use our content and conduct the workshops.

You get our experience and expertise to engage participants, revenue is shared.

TeachSTEAM Associate with TeachSTEAM TeachSTEAM

Why TeachSTEAM?

TeachSTEAM fosters holistic child development. While most hands-on programs focus on just STEM, TeachSTEAM brings in the importance of ‘A’ for Art, which injects a sense of play to spark students’ imagination. We use LEGO® bricks as a tool to develop various age appropriate skills like Creativity, Math, Language & Literacy, Social Emotional Skills, Math, Scientific Inquiry, Early Engineering, Coding & Robotics - STEM Skills. Learning becomes fun when children explore, build & learn using LEGO & the STEAM approach!

Collaboration Statistics

5 Schools
India, Mexico, Ukraine
4 STEM Centres
3 Online Teaching Platforms
India, Dubai
4 Individual STEM Practitioners
Russia, Mozambique, China, Hong Kong

TeachSTEAM for Schools

TeachSTEAM for Schools is an initiative to provide LEGO® inspired hands-on teaching solutions to schools and after-school organisations of K-8 (ages 3 to 13 yrs) to empower & nurture playful learning practices for educational organisations.

We associate with schools and conduct sessions, provide in-depth teachers’ trainings and supply curriculums for age-specific LEGO ® programs. 

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